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Dr. Harris' ETAForce Pain Relief Gel

Dr. Harris' ETAForce Pain Relief Gel


Model: 4BH0-P-03995

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Contains 4 oz gel and 1 bottle of 60 capsules

The number one reason for visiting the doctor? You guessed it! Pain. Pain is the most debilitating medical symptom doctors see - chronic pain impacts over 90 million Americans and costs us an estimated $500 billion dollars each year.

Traditional pain relievers and topical formulas offer only limited relief for back and neck pain, sports injuries, Osteoarthritis, and other painful conditions. Dr. Harris' Original ETAforce pain relief gel provides a deep penetrating, fast-acting alternative to suffering from chronic pain.


Dr. Harris

Dr. Harris has devoted 35 years as a physician
to the nonsurgical diagnosis and treatment of
all conditions of pain. Over the course of his career, he has helped over 30,000 people who live with chronic pain.

ETAforce Pain Relief Gel

Features and Benefits

  • Emu oil provides superior penetration
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the backbone of the joint lubrication fluid.
  • MSM to ease joint pain
  • Joint support compounds and antioxidants promote joint health.
  • Safe for long-term use

Fast Acting-you will notice the cooling tingling sensation immediately and pain relief will begin within minutes.

Deep Penetration- ETAForce Gel will absorb quickly and deeply into the skin to provide faster pain relief.

Contains a special herbal extract blend including Arnica, Skullcap and Willow Bark. All of the herbal extracts help to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Soothing cooling feeling. Tingling lets you know it is getting to work.

Provides temporary pain relief for minor aches and pains.

4 ounces


Apply to affected area by massaging the product in well. Use every two hours as needed. Lasts 30-60 days depending on usage.

For external use only. Keep out of eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if rash or other reaction occurs.

Here's What Our Customers are Saying About the Pain Relief System:

"...This product is fantastic!

I'm a flight attendant and in my work I've somehow stressed
my right hand and shoulder. I tried to avoid handling things
like hot coffee because I was afraid I'd spill it on passengers
and it appeared like I wasn't doing my job. But the day I
started taking Dr. Harris' Pain Relief formula, the numbness
and burning disappeared. This product is fantastic!"

"...It's Amazing!

I began taking your Pain Relief two months ago to relieve
pain from rheumatoid arthritis. I can't tell you what a relief
it is to get such fast relief from the pain and stiffness.
It's been tremendously effective in reducing soreness and
inflammation, too. And I've had no side effects.
It's amazing!"

"...it worked miracles for me!

I've had degenerative arthritis in both my right and left knees. I had found nothing on the market that helped relieve my severe pain. I tried most all of the pain relief medications that you can buy
from pharmacies and none of them worked. I can't sleep, I can't move—it's almost as if my life was over…But I started using your Pain Relief gel and capsules and I have to tell you, it worked miracles
for me. I even took part in a bowling tournament a couple of weeks ago!"

After years of research and development, Dr. Harris has
leveraged a new technology to isolate a natural key antiinflammatory
compound clinically shown to be more potent
than aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen and safer than
harmful drugs in relieving pain caused by inflammation.

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