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Dr. Pinkus' Ultimate Reds Formula


Model: 4RED-P-03495

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Fight harmful free-radicals with Dr. Pinkus' Ultimate Reds Formula. Combines 20 fruit and vegetable ingredients to form the highest source of antioxidants available. Known as "nature's sponge", antioxidants absorb and remove harmful free radicals from the body. All-natural Ultimate Reds - great tasting, powerful antioxidants to help you maintain good health.

Itís important to know that for optimal health and energy, Dr. Michael Pinkus says that you need far more natural anti-oxidents from fruits and vegetables than the recommended RDA level of only 4 servings per day.

Thatís why Dr. Pinkus created Ultimate Reds formula. His Ultimate Reds is one of the most powerful sources of fruit and vegetable anti-oxidents available today because it incorporates 24 natural anti-oxidents. And the best part is that itís actually a powder that mixes into a great tasting beverage so itís easily absorbed and starts working right away.

Youíll improve your energy and health with a great tasting beverage.

1 can (7.1 oz)

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